Our successful Kickstarter campaign was cut short after a key component was no longer available for manufacturing a week before the campaign ended. Since then, we have taken feedback from fans and potential fans on how to improve Sinister and our future Tivitas products. Superior design, better mechanics, improved technology, and more customization options.

Here are some quotes from reviews and interviews during the campaign:

“…modular PC keypad that hopes to take the best from both worlds.”

“Now a tangible product is within our grasp, and will offer plug-and-play functionality for both Windows and Linux.”

“You can take buttons out and move them around, changing a gamepad configuration to your liking.”

“Under the hood, the folks at Tivitas have also included ViviTouch® HD haptic feedback. In practice this means that you’re feeling recoil from a rifle firing in the palm of your hand – very excellent to feel in real life. Now we’ll be wishing we had it all the time – spoiled!”

“If you’re looking to make the jump from console to PC, but need a little help transitioning to a mouse-and-keyboard setup, the Tivitas Sinister controller will let you do so at your own pace.”

Interview with Gina Smith